Best Times to Plant and Seed Grass in the Tri-Cities Area

The Tri-Cities is well known for being one of the warmest locations in Washington State, however, we still grow cool season grass lawns.  Cool season grasses such as Kentucky blue, grow the best when the outdoor temp is between 68-73 degrees.  With that being said, May and September would be the ideal months to seed in a new lawn. Early September is the best time of the year to seed in a new blue grass lawn.  The weeds are not germinating at that time of the year as they would be in April or May.  This ideal planting time still allows for the grass to grow tall and strong enough before winter, provided that it is watered until the first week of November.

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  1. Auth says:

    Water it often enough to not let the lawn dry out (2-3 times a day for about 5 mientus) until the lawn is ready for its first mowing. Let the ground dry out that day before mowing, so you don’t mow a muddy, wet lawn. Water after mowing and go to a once-a-day, 10-minute watering for about a week. Each week, water less often but longer. Your goal is to water once a week for an hour in a fully-established lawn (with a couple of waterings in between on particularly hot, dry stretches). This deep-soaks the ground, resulting in longer roots and more drought resistance.

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