Landscaping With Boulders In The Tri-Cities, Wa

The Tri-Cities is located near large amounts of basalt lava flows that occurred in the region thousands of year ago.  The lava cooled and formed massive formations of basalt. These provide an abundant supply of the best rock wall materal. With a large excavator fitted with a hammer large boulders can be broken off and used as accent rocks in lawn areas.  Landscaping with boulders is an economical way to increase the curb appeal of your property.  The next time you drive by the higher-end homes in south Richland take a look to see how many of these homes use accent boulders.

Basalt boulders can also be used to build retaining walls.  By breaking the rock in half it creates a flat surface to place facing the visible side of the wall.  These walls can be less expensive to build from a materials stand point, but they tend to be more labor intensive.  Call Legacy Landscape to create one of these beautiful walls for your property.

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